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Swimming Results 2017


Results Para Swimming Meet  
Results Youth Regionals 29/30 April / 1 May
Results Age Group Regionals 13/14 /21 /21 May
Results Fast 5 2 July
Results Relays 17 September
Results Masters Championships 24 September
Results Winter Championships 3/4/5 November
Results Masters Inter-Counties 12 November



Swimming Results 2016

Results Duel Para Meet 13 March
Results Youth Championships 30 April,1/2 May
Results Age Group Championships 14/15/21/22 May
Results Fast 5 3 July
Results Relays 18 September
Results Masters Championships 25 September
Results Winter Championships 4/5/6 November
Results Masters Inter-Counties 20 November



Swimming Results 2015

Zonal Meet 31st January / 1st February Results
Youth Championships 2nd-4th May Results
Age Group Championships 16/17/31/31st May Results
Fast 5 5th July Results
Relays 20th September Results
Para Swimming 4th October Results
Winter Championships 7th/8th November Results
Masters Inter County 15th November Results

Swimming Results 2014

800m/1500m Time Trial

19 January Results
Zonal Meet 25/26 January Results
Youth Championships 3/4/5 May Results
BAGCAT Championships 7/8/14/15 June Results
Sprint Championships 6 July Results
Relay Championships 21 September Results
Winter Championships 6/7 December Results

Swimming Results 2013

Distance Time Trial 19 January Results
Youth Championships 4/5/6 May Results
Team Relays 19 May Results
Age Group Championships 1/2/8/9 June Results
Bagcat Points
Sprint Competition 7 July

Girls 17 & Over Revised Points

Masters Sprints 29 September Results
Winter Championships 7/8 December Results

Swimming Results 2012

Youth Championships 5/6/7 May   Results
Team Relays 20 May   Results
Age Group Championships 9/10/16/17 June   Results
Sprint Competition 30 June   Results
Masters Sprint Competition 30 September   Results
Inter County Masters 18 November   Results
Winter Championships 1/2 December   Results